Mark FinnanThe conscious use of the creative aspect of mind, influenced by a high ideal, is essential to our psychological and spiritual development as individuals. The creative arts can contribute to this development by reflecting that ideal in various ways and inspiring us to reach for it within ourselves. Personal-growth work and the arts can also add to our collective wellbeing by making us aware of our potential as individuals to contribute to the greater good of our community, of humanity at large and of the welfare of the planet.

We are living through times of momentous change as we transition from one age to the next in the cosmic timeframe. All of us have been experiencing in our personal lives, in our communities and in the world at large, both the positive and negative aspects of this cyclical, evolutionary change for many years now. On the plus side it is transformative change, due to our ever expanding knowledge of the nature of the psyche, of matter and of the inter-relationship of all life, and because of our purposeful and progressive application of this knowledge.

A notable aspect of this transition is the interest in a more holistic identity and lifestyle. Born out of a desire and need to grow; to marry mind and heart, to resolve internal conflicts, to achieve a more balanced personal life and more harmonious interactions with others, we have been learning how to integrate spirit, mind and body, how to infuse the rational with the irrational, the practical with the profound, the secular with the sacred. We have been learning to live and love at a deeper level.

A noticeable result of this consciousness-raising process has been the transcendental shift in our awareness about our own potential and that of our relationships at the inter-personal and community levels, and even on a planetary scale. There has come the realization that, regardless of differences of culture, creed, colour, education or social status, as spiritual, conscious beings and inhabitants of this planet, we share a common origin and destiny.

Science, religion, art and philosophy have been merging into an interrelated and increasingly unified field of knowledge that is also facilitating the birth of a more universal consciousness. Creative, holistic psychology combined with contemporary spirituality, sacred rituals, dream-work, meditation practise and visualization techniques has opened the doors of perception to the causative, curative and transformative nature of life itself.