About Mark Finnan

I developed an interest in creative expression and spirituality during my school years in Ireland. While pursuing a career as an actor and writer I began to explore Gnostic Christianity and eastern mysticism, seeking answers to questions western religious orthodoxy did not answer for me. Introduced to the work of the American Christian seer Edgar Cayce, I found material that was both profound and practical, and very helpful to me in my search. Around the same time I also came across the work of psychologist Carl Jung.

My interests and studies led to an experiential course in transpersonal work at the Centre for Living Research, a personal growth/spiritual development centre in Dublin, where the emphasis was on Self-knowledge and the necessity of harmoniously integrating spirit, mind and body. As a result I learned first-hand that personal issues and interpersonal conflicts could be more effectively clarified and resolved and personal growth more readily advanced once one had learned how to self-regulate and improve one’s mental and emotional functioning. The creative integrational and consciousness raising process taught at the Dublin centre evolved from the earlier work of psychotherapist Terance Noble, author of The Nature of Hypnosis. This marriage of the spiritual with the psychological resulted in a profoundly effective approach to problem solving and personal development.

I moved to Canada with my young family in 1975 and became a founding member of The Shelter Valley Centre, a holistic education/retreat facility in southern Ontario. It offered one-day and weekend residential programs related to personal spirituality, natural health, holistic living and environmental sustainability. This also enabled me to become more actively involved with the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia, which enriched my understanding of the intrinsic and beneficial relationship between spirituality, creativity, problem solving and personal growth.

I teach the Holistic Integration Process and offer presentations and workshops on Dreams and Meditation based on my studies at the Centre for Living Research and the philosophy in the Edgar Cayce material.