Courses, Presentations and Workshops

The Holistic Integrational Process

Chakras artworkA profoundly effective approach to personal growth and spiritual development. This spiritually focused, integrational process teaches individuals how to consciously create positive attitudes and emotions in the context of developing a harmonious awareness of Self. Incorporating universal spiritual and sound psychological principles, the process is both holistic and systematic in its approach to synthesising spirit, mind and body. It teaches the individual how to create and apply his/her self-realised, harmonious identity to conditions and circumstances of everyday life. In helping to create inner harmony and the awareness of one’s whole self, in solving problems and providing beneficial results, this experiential process, from relaxation to Self-realization has particular relevance for anyone interested in personal growth along spiritual lines.

Following an initial consultation, during which the details of the process are explained, there is a series of one-on-one training sessions over a period of three to six weeks. These sessions run for approximately sixty minutes and are offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This allows each individual to learn and apply the process at his or her own pace.

Printed material is also provided. Accommodation is available at a nearby rural retreat centre, if needed.

Fee structure and other particulars available on request.

Presentations and Workshops


The timeless and universal practise of Meditation has been proven to provide beneficial results spiritually, mentally and physically. By learning how to still and focus the mind, we can achieve a state of inner peace and tranquility. Consistently practised, it opens the door to healing and intuitive awareness. Meditation is also the means by which we can safely access direction and guidance from the Higher Self. Relaxation and breathing techniques that are helpful to the meditation process are also taught as part of this presentation and workshop


This presentation and workshop begins with an overview of the cross-cultural history of dreamwork. It teaches techniques for remembering, recording and interpreting dreams. Participants learn various ways of ‘cracking open the dream’ by understanding the symbolic language used. Emphasis is placed on their relevance to situations in everyday life, related to health, relationships, work, etc.

Resolving problems on the Spiritual Path

As spiritual beings possessing creative mental abilities and living in physical bodies, we oftentimes struggle to harmoniously integrate these three aspects of ourselves. Negative attitudes and disturbing emotions can overwhelm us at times. Material influences from within and without can distract or deter us. As spiritual seekers we can easily become discouraged and feel defeated.

Sometimes our spiritual seeking is itself is not well balanced or grounded. Feeling frustrated or helpless we may be tempted abandon our efforts to become the person we would like to be.

This presentation/workshop introduces you to:

  • Your true identity as a co-creator with God.
  • Your ability to attune to your divine source.
  • Your ability to more effectively express such ‘fruits of the spirit’ as joyfulness, gratitude, patience and forgiveness.
  • Explore the unique ‘talents’ you possess to help you fulfill your personal destiny in this life.
  • Find out how you can more harmoniously resolve conflicts, solve problems and open up to new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

These presentations / workshops are available for small or large groups.