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Set in a Roman prison around 65AD, this inspiring and informative sacred drama tells the dynamic and moving story of the life and times of the Christ as witnessed by a wandering Greek actor named Demetrius.

During the course of this two act play Demetrius recalls for his fellow Christian prisoners what it was like to follow the man Jesus as he walked, taught and healed throughout the villages, towns and countryside of ancient Palestine. He also describes his unusual encounter with the mysterious Essenes and the important part played by this Jewish mystical sect in the birth of Christianity. Although set in the past, Demetrius’ story reminds us that there is hope, healing and a divine destiny for all of us as we endeavour to follow the example and live the spiritual teachings of the Nazarene day by day.

Performed in contemporary or period costume with recorded sacred music of the Middle East, each of these one-man sacred dramas stands alone and can be presented in any suitable space. Little is required by way of technical set-up. These works have been performed in churches, spiritual centres, at conferences and festivals in Canada and the United States. The performance fee is flexible, depending on venue and attendance.

For further information and to book a performance, email or call 705-745-7188.